Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be feeling the pressure to find an extravagant costume. However, because of the hustle and bustle of life, you may not have found the time to get your dream costume. Even though you may not be able to get the large extravagant costume you were hoping for, you still have time to make a simple, creative and fun costume that will be ready right in time for Halloween. By getting custom shoes or unique tote bags, you can take everyday items and turn them into a unique costume no one else will have.

Mad Scientist Halloween Costume

rick from rick and morty

From Rick, from the show Rick and Morty, to Dexter, from Dexter’s Laboratory, becoming a mad scientist character for Halloween is easier than you may think. The staple piece of any mad scientist costume is a white lab coat. If you don't have an authentic lab coat lying around, you can always get a white robe or an oversized white button-down shirt.

The next thing you will need is crazy hair. If you have the time and resources, you can always use your own hair and style it to look like you were near a chemical explosion. You can also use a wig. Typically, local thrift stores and costume stores have a large selection of wigs for you to choose from. Even though they may not have the exact wig you are looking for, you may be able to work with what they have. With spray paint and some styling skills, you will be able to make any wig, that you find, into the perfect mad scientist wig!

You will also need gloves and beakers. If you do not have access to actual beakers and gloves, simply use a clear drinking glass and rubber cleaning gloves. From science pattern socks to lab goggles, you can add more to your costume to make it more elaborate along with a science patterned tote bag for candy, you will be able to have a crazy night at an evil scientist!

Wicked Witch Costume

wicked witch costume

Believe it or not, it does not take that much effort to look like the Wicked Witch of the West! The first thing you need to become a witch is a long black cloak and an oversized black dress. We understand that, if you are not an actual witch, you may not have a black dress that you can distress and casually wear for trick-or-treating or a Halloween party. If you can not spare a black dress or cloak, you can go to a thrift store and shop for a dress and a bed sheet for the cloak. If you can’t find a black sheet and dress, simply find any dress and sheet and either spray paint them or dye them black.

Another staple in all witches is their ugly green skin. The most simple way to replicate this is with green body pain or using a green body suit.

Now that you look like a witch you need to find a ride to go trick-or-treating or to the Halloween party. The most common way witches travel is with their magic flying broom. To get a witch broom all you need to do is get an old broom that you may not use anymore and paint it black.

Finally, to hold your phone, wallet, and keys while you’re causing havoc, you need a spooky Halloween tote bag. With spooky pictures of black cats and jack-o-lanterns, this Halloween tote bag would be the perfect accessory for a wicked witch.  

Athlete Costume

athlete costume

If you only have a day or two to come up with a costume idea, an athlete is your best bet. If you want to go as a baseball player, simply get your favorite team jersey, out of your closet, and grab your baseball mitt and you are good to go. If you want to go as a basketball player, get your favorite player's jersey, a basketball, and you are ready for a fun night! Regardless of what sport, all you need to do is get your favorite athletes jersey, and the ball that is relevant to their sport and you have a simple Halloween costume. Because this is the easiest costume, you may run into people that are dressed the exact say way as you. To keep your costume unique, check out some unique sneakers that are related to sports. From our softball shoes to our baseball casual shoes, our cool sports shoes will add extra flair to your athlete costume!

Other Creative Costume Ideas

These are only three creative costume ideas if you are in a rush. However, the key to making a costume is to be creative. You do not need excessive amounts of materials. Just look around your house, and you are sure to find your next costume! You can also look through our selection of cool shoes and unique socks to come up with simple costume ideas. Become a librarian with our book lovers boots. Or you can become a firefighter with our fire fighter shoes. With our selection of cool shoes, unique leggings, custom socks, we are confident that you will find the right pieces of clothing that will complete your last minute costume.

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