Custom Nike Fish Shoes Real or a Myth?

Realistic Nike Fish Shoes

If you're reading this page, you're probably looking for the much talked about Nike Fish Shoes. Many people have spent countless hours searching the internet for these beauties. Well I hate to break it to ya, but they are fake. You heard me, they are not real. Someone decided to make a joke out of it and these are definitely Photoshopped.

While the fish shoes above may be a hoax, our realistic fish shoes are not. They might not be nikes, but they will definitely cause some whiplash as you walk the streets in these beauties. If you're into fishing, these are the best thing ever. They look so realistic that you'll fool everyone at first.

Nike didn't have anything to do with these fishing shoes, but they are pretty much the best thing in shoe fashion ever to happen, period. These are so unique you'll never find anything like them anywhere else.  These are just about the best fishing gift you could ever buy for someone. Enjoy!

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