Floral Flight Attendant Luggage Cover

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Product Description

Are you a flight attendant that travels often? This cute floral flight attendant luggage cover is perfect to show how much you love what you do. Protect your luggage and show your love for your job at the same time.

  • Customize your luggage like never before while protecting it from scratches, spills, stains and more when traveling.
  • Built with elastic polyester-spandex based fabric to ensure durability and the perfect fit.
  • The most vibrant print that won't fade. Wonderful colors that will look amazing!
  • Quick and easy installation. You won't need anything additional to put it over your luggage and it's hassle free.
  • Includes slits so you can easily access your luggage handles and a zipper-bottom to fasten the cover to your luggage.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks.